RoseRoseShop Haul (BB Creams)

Hey all!! Long time since my last update. I unfortunately am having extreme difficulty wearing any kinds of contacts including circle lenses, so this is not a lens review. I decided I do not like my Missha BB creams and wanted to try some new ones.  My face is has redness I want to address, but the reviews of Smashbox's green primer were less than stellar so I took a risk on trying something I haven't read much of.

My haul: 

It's Skin Babyface One-step base: Green.
Holika Holika Moisture Petit BB 
Skin79 Snail Nutrition BB Cream
Skin79 VIP Gold Collection Super+ BB

As well as my various samples:

Here is the redness I usually have sans makeup (I guess I'm wearing eyeliner but no face makeup), it is mostly just on my cheeks and nose:

The It's Skin base is a nice mint-green cream base, its not very thick.  It has a strong, perfumed scent which I personally love.

And all blended in:
A comparison picture:

It did take some of the redness away but was not a perfect cover in and of itself.  I think it works well underneath BB cream.  I tested the BB creams over top of the green-ified cheek as well as the one without a base.  In order from my ear to my nose I put the Holika Holka, Snail, and VIP:
The Holika Holika one seems the darkest and most yellow tied with the Snail cream. The VIP one tends more towards grey and is lighter.  The Holika Holika one has a strong perfumed scent which reminds me of the Ralph Lauren perfume in the blue bottle (not with the polo guys on it). The snail one smells kinda icky, not really perfumed.  The VIP one has an old ladyish scent but it isn't strong like the base or Holika Holika one.

Blended In:

Now for the other side of my face, you know, the one without the fancy green stuff underneath:

Both sides:

I apologize that my lighting refused to stay consistent while taking pictures, apparently white balance is a tough concept for a camera, haha. Personally out of all of these, the Holika Holika and Snail one had the best texture.  The VIP one wasn't my super favorite, but it was for sure better than my Missha Perfect Cover one. 

For some reference though, I was matched once upon a time to MAC's NC20, which runs too yellow and a bit too dark for me now.  I wear a nice match with Kat Von D's Tattoo Lock-it foundation in Light 44.  I'm super fair. I tried an Hourglass foundation on and I fit into their lightest shade. 


Korean Cosmetic Haul

Long time no update! Its getting close to time for me to get new lenses (the decision making process is so hard for me @_@), but in the meantime I have been collecting makeup and figuring out how to do my own makeup well.  I recently ordered some Lioele and Etude House brand goodies and I figured this would be a good place to share my thoughts on them!

This is the initial unboxing of it all

This seller included samples galore, the Milk Talk body wash smells so so lovely, I think I might buy a bottle. 
These are the Etude House Etoinette comb (which is way smaller than I expected but its nice), the Etoinette mirror, which is really well constructed and the Lioele hand mirror, which is going to look so nice on my new vanity!

Etude House Entoinette Crystal Powder. I think this is a lovely shimmer powder. It is translucent and full of shimmer, so it would not be suited for an all over face-powder, but it looks nice on the cheekbones.

The Lioele Secret Pore HD Powder is a silica powder with dimethicone added. It is a finishing powder and helps with oil. It makes my pores look smaller when I used it with my BB cream.  I have heard silica based powders show up horribly with flash photography so I will have to test it out.

These are the Etude House Fresh Cherry lip tints. They smell lovely, like pez almost.

This is from Etude's Sweet Recipe line, it is an all over color in Strawberry Chiffon Cake. It is packaged super cute and can be used as a blush or a lip color.  It dries out nicely and does not stay creamy or sticky on skin.  It is a nice lovely colored blush, I need the peach-y toned one now though! 

The seller I purchased from was A-Poly on amazon and I think they are fantastic!


Kira Kira Blue Review (Finally)

Design: 10/10
These lenses looked exactly how I wanted them to if not better. The design is really simple, a black limbal ring that is moderately thick that speckles inward mixing with the blue (which looks like a cerulean blue for all you art geeks) and the blue speckles into the transparant lens. The result is a natural transition into my natural color without the harsh lines of some more costume-y lenses I own.

Enlargement: 8/10
These lenses do enlarge but they are not super ridiculous because of the natural, not super dark pattern. The limbal ring does have an enlarging effect and it is noticeable to people who have never seen circle lenses before.

Comfort: 9/10
These are more comfortable than some lenses I have tried but they do get blurry after some wear, which is to be expected. They are on the more comfortable end of the circle lens spectrum only to be outdone by a few lenses I can think of.

Note the review took so long to post because I had received a defective lens in my original order from the dollyeye and I let them know what was up and they actually replaced both lenses even though I only had problems with one.  Cool!

(My eyes are all bloodshot because my supposedly gentle eye makeup remover hurts my eyes /frowny face)


Dizon Eyes Green Review

Design: 8/10

These lenses are natural. They have a dark limbal ring, although it is not a stark black and color that fades towards the pupil, instead of a blunt circle. The design is slightly pixelated but it is not terrible. I really wish the green was more of a "BAM! In your face!!" green-apple green instead of this really subtle and natural green. They make a great every day lens and are far more natural looking than the American colored lenses (which I have tried out, and any circle lens is pretty much better, imo). It honestly did not change my eye color all that much.

Enlargement 8/10
These are not huge, partly because the design isn't printed super close to the edge of the lens and partly because the limbal ring isn't the darkest. The size is very natural and I assume would enlarge someone's eyes if they had smaller pupils. My eyes are already kinda big (I think at least) so these are on the natural side of things.

Comfort: 8/10
These lenses have a comfort level that is below my lenses that have a higher water content, which can be expected after all. I just can't wear them all day long like more breathable lenses, my eyes simply just wouldn't get enough oxygen.

Vendor: 10/10
Dollyeye.com sent my order a week after ordering, answered all their emails very quickly. I did not get them quickly because they got stuck in NYC at ISC. Not the vendor's fault at all! They were packaged nicely, no free lens case but i have a gazillion. They also included a free BB Cream which is not half bad.

Overall, I like these lenses, they just aren't my super all time favorite. They are not vibrant enough, although the pattern is natural (which I wanted). They aren't super huge which is more natural so not a big turn off and they aren't as comfortable as the higher water content lenses I have been spoiled with.


Kimchi Mermaid Green

Just some pictures, not a full review because I ripped the lenses after taking these pictures
They were just as comfortable as the other lenses from the i.Fairy/Kimchi lines.
Bathroom light (ugh i look so washed out and in need of makeup ~___~)



Celeb Super Nudy Grey Review

Design: 10/10
I won't elaborate too much on the design, I pretty much loved my Super Nudy Grey lenses by Geo but the site I ordered from did not have any of Geo's lenses in stock so I went with the Dueba model. Very similar if not identical. I feel like these may be a smidgen darker than the Geo lenses but all in all pretty much the same.

Comfort: 8/10
I would not rate these as comfortable as Geo lenses.  The site lists these as having a whopping 38% water content. My eyes felt dry a few hours after wearing. I swear I got spoiled by higher water content brands. They did not however hurt, sting, burn or otherwise feel anything but drier than my usual lenses.

Enlargement: 8/10
I also got spoiled by lenses that enlarge a lot more than these ones do. These are pretty natural for me size wise I think. Satisfyingly enlarging without being too big or unnatural. 

Anddd Fobby Barbie was pretty legit and these showed up like 3 days after my Luna Kings in a package from Malaysia. Do these guys have warehouses everywhere? Anyways, I would recommend them! My package tracking obsession is fed by the fact you can log in to their site and view your order status from start to tracking number. 

Bottle Pictures:
~Note: Thedollyeye.com relabels other lenses with their label, hence the lack of a brand name~



Dueba/G&G Luna King Black

Review of the Dueba Luna King Black circle lenses from Fobby Barbie

Design: 10/10
Well this design is so simple that there was no surprise at all when the lenses arrived vs the online promo pictures. It is a single tone black lens featuring a thick limbal ring with comma shaped spokes coming inward. They are softer lines, not spiky like a lot of lenses.  The way they are designed look like brush stroke due to the softness and asymmetry of the lines.  The design looks a bit transparent in the bottle or lens case but no blue shows through.  Personally, I like the dramatic contrast between a black lens and my natural blue eyes. I imagine these would look a lot more natural on a dark eyed person.

Comfort: 8/10
These lenses are 14.5mm which is on the larger side of things with a water content of only 38% which is quite a bit lower than my usual lenses.  Higher water content lenses I can usually wear all day with no problems or discomfort. These dried out and were less comfortable after half a day, but it wasn't so bad as to take them out.  I bet if I had some nice rewetting drops on hand these lenses would have been more comfortable.

Enlargement: 9/10
Not as enlarging as other lenses with more complex designs. They do enlarge quite a bit though with the whole being 14.5mm and being black. I have had bigger lenses that have made me look alien, these are big without being huge. I thought they would be a bit bigger though. 

Vendor: Fobbybarbie.com
Fobby Barbie is a reputable site that has a nice selection and a fairly easy to navigate site. They stock Dueba/G&G, i.Fairy, Kimchi, Geo, Eos, and Neo Vision. Their shipping is reasonable with many free shipping offers and low shipping costs otherwise.  Lens prices range between $9 sale price to $25 normal pricing. I can live with that! Oh and they offer rX lenses, not just plano, incredibly important for my blind eyes! One note though, I ordered one other pair that haven't arrived yet and the warehouse those lenses shipped from is so swamped that I did not get a tracking number for them. 
Bottle Pictures:


Bathroom Lighting: