Dueba/G&G Luna King Black

Review of the Dueba Luna King Black circle lenses from Fobby Barbie

Design: 10/10
Well this design is so simple that there was no surprise at all when the lenses arrived vs the online promo pictures. It is a single tone black lens featuring a thick limbal ring with comma shaped spokes coming inward. They are softer lines, not spiky like a lot of lenses.  The way they are designed look like brush stroke due to the softness and asymmetry of the lines.  The design looks a bit transparent in the bottle or lens case but no blue shows through.  Personally, I like the dramatic contrast between a black lens and my natural blue eyes. I imagine these would look a lot more natural on a dark eyed person.

Comfort: 8/10
These lenses are 14.5mm which is on the larger side of things with a water content of only 38% which is quite a bit lower than my usual lenses.  Higher water content lenses I can usually wear all day with no problems or discomfort. These dried out and were less comfortable after half a day, but it wasn't so bad as to take them out.  I bet if I had some nice rewetting drops on hand these lenses would have been more comfortable.

Enlargement: 9/10
Not as enlarging as other lenses with more complex designs. They do enlarge quite a bit though with the whole being 14.5mm and being black. I have had bigger lenses that have made me look alien, these are big without being huge. I thought they would be a bit bigger though. 

Vendor: Fobbybarbie.com
Fobby Barbie is a reputable site that has a nice selection and a fairly easy to navigate site. They stock Dueba/G&G, i.Fairy, Kimchi, Geo, Eos, and Neo Vision. Their shipping is reasonable with many free shipping offers and low shipping costs otherwise.  Lens prices range between $9 sale price to $25 normal pricing. I can live with that! Oh and they offer rX lenses, not just plano, incredibly important for my blind eyes! One note though, I ordered one other pair that haven't arrived yet and the warehouse those lenses shipped from is so swamped that I did not get a tracking number for them. 
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