Dizon Eyes Green Review

Design: 8/10

These lenses are natural. They have a dark limbal ring, although it is not a stark black and color that fades towards the pupil, instead of a blunt circle. The design is slightly pixelated but it is not terrible. I really wish the green was more of a "BAM! In your face!!" green-apple green instead of this really subtle and natural green. They make a great every day lens and are far more natural looking than the American colored lenses (which I have tried out, and any circle lens is pretty much better, imo). It honestly did not change my eye color all that much.

Enlargement 8/10
These are not huge, partly because the design isn't printed super close to the edge of the lens and partly because the limbal ring isn't the darkest. The size is very natural and I assume would enlarge someone's eyes if they had smaller pupils. My eyes are already kinda big (I think at least) so these are on the natural side of things.

Comfort: 8/10
These lenses have a comfort level that is below my lenses that have a higher water content, which can be expected after all. I just can't wear them all day long like more breathable lenses, my eyes simply just wouldn't get enough oxygen.

Vendor: 10/10
Dollyeye.com sent my order a week after ordering, answered all their emails very quickly. I did not get them quickly because they got stuck in NYC at ISC. Not the vendor's fault at all! They were packaged nicely, no free lens case but i have a gazillion. They also included a free BB Cream which is not half bad.

Overall, I like these lenses, they just aren't my super all time favorite. They are not vibrant enough, although the pattern is natural (which I wanted). They aren't super huge which is more natural so not a big turn off and they aren't as comfortable as the higher water content lenses I have been spoiled with.

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