Celeb Super Nudy Grey Review

Design: 10/10
I won't elaborate too much on the design, I pretty much loved my Super Nudy Grey lenses by Geo but the site I ordered from did not have any of Geo's lenses in stock so I went with the Dueba model. Very similar if not identical. I feel like these may be a smidgen darker than the Geo lenses but all in all pretty much the same.

Comfort: 8/10
I would not rate these as comfortable as Geo lenses.  The site lists these as having a whopping 38% water content. My eyes felt dry a few hours after wearing. I swear I got spoiled by higher water content brands. They did not however hurt, sting, burn or otherwise feel anything but drier than my usual lenses.

Enlargement: 8/10
I also got spoiled by lenses that enlarge a lot more than these ones do. These are pretty natural for me size wise I think. Satisfyingly enlarging without being too big or unnatural. 

Anddd Fobby Barbie was pretty legit and these showed up like 3 days after my Luna Kings in a package from Malaysia. Do these guys have warehouses everywhere? Anyways, I would recommend them! My package tracking obsession is fed by the fact you can log in to their site and view your order status from start to tracking number. 

Bottle Pictures:
~Note: Thedollyeye.com relabels other lenses with their label, hence the lack of a brand name~


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