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Hey all!! Long time since my last update. I unfortunately am having extreme difficulty wearing any kinds of contacts including circle lenses, so this is not a lens review. I decided I do not like my Missha BB creams and wanted to try some new ones.  My face is has redness I want to address, but the reviews of Smashbox's green primer were less than stellar so I took a risk on trying something I haven't read much of.

My haul: 

It's Skin Babyface One-step base: Green.
Holika Holika Moisture Petit BB 
Skin79 Snail Nutrition BB Cream
Skin79 VIP Gold Collection Super+ BB

As well as my various samples:

Here is the redness I usually have sans makeup (I guess I'm wearing eyeliner but no face makeup), it is mostly just on my cheeks and nose:

The It's Skin base is a nice mint-green cream base, its not very thick.  It has a strong, perfumed scent which I personally love.

And all blended in:
A comparison picture:

It did take some of the redness away but was not a perfect cover in and of itself.  I think it works well underneath BB cream.  I tested the BB creams over top of the green-ified cheek as well as the one without a base.  In order from my ear to my nose I put the Holika Holka, Snail, and VIP:
The Holika Holika one seems the darkest and most yellow tied with the Snail cream. The VIP one tends more towards grey and is lighter.  The Holika Holika one has a strong perfumed scent which reminds me of the Ralph Lauren perfume in the blue bottle (not with the polo guys on it). The snail one smells kinda icky, not really perfumed.  The VIP one has an old ladyish scent but it isn't strong like the base or Holika Holika one.

Blended In:

Now for the other side of my face, you know, the one without the fancy green stuff underneath:

Both sides:

I apologize that my lighting refused to stay consistent while taking pictures, apparently white balance is a tough concept for a camera, haha. Personally out of all of these, the Holika Holika and Snail one had the best texture.  The VIP one wasn't my super favorite, but it was for sure better than my Missha Perfect Cover one. 

For some reference though, I was matched once upon a time to MAC's NC20, which runs too yellow and a bit too dark for me now.  I wear a nice match with Kat Von D's Tattoo Lock-it foundation in Light 44.  I'm super fair. I tried an Hourglass foundation on and I fit into their lightest shade. 

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