Kira Kira Blue Review (Finally)

Design: 10/10
These lenses looked exactly how I wanted them to if not better. The design is really simple, a black limbal ring that is moderately thick that speckles inward mixing with the blue (which looks like a cerulean blue for all you art geeks) and the blue speckles into the transparant lens. The result is a natural transition into my natural color without the harsh lines of some more costume-y lenses I own.

Enlargement: 8/10
These lenses do enlarge but they are not super ridiculous because of the natural, not super dark pattern. The limbal ring does have an enlarging effect and it is noticeable to people who have never seen circle lenses before.

Comfort: 9/10
These are more comfortable than some lenses I have tried but they do get blurry after some wear, which is to be expected. They are on the more comfortable end of the circle lens spectrum only to be outdone by a few lenses I can think of.

Note the review took so long to post because I had received a defective lens in my original order from the dollyeye and I let them know what was up and they actually replaced both lenses even though I only had problems with one.  Cool!

(My eyes are all bloodshot because my supposedly gentle eye makeup remover hurts my eyes /frowny face)


  1. They are really pretty *_*
    Looks good on you ♥
    Where do you bought them? :O

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  3. Hi! Nice blog! You're doing good work by showing how circle lenses look on your blue eyes! It's so hard to find anything different than asian or brown eyes. You've got nice collection of lenses :)