Lens FAQ

Q: Are contact lenses safe?

A: Yes and no.  They pose some risk to your eyes, but you can minimize this risk with the advice of an optician and proper lens care.  Without proper care, you run the risk of eye infections and scratching your corneas. Ouchies!

Q: Do I need a prescription for circle lenses?

A: You do not need to send a prescription in when ordering lenses, but it is highly recommended to visit an eye doctor to obtain your prescription.  Even if you have perfect vision, an eye exam can identify if you have a different base curve (BC) than most people.  Plus a special contact lens exam is given separately from glasses.  Contact prescriptions are different and not everyone's eyes are suited for contacts.

Q: Can I wear circle lens if I have an astigmatism?

A: Yes you can.  First get your prescription from your doctor.  If your cyl (i believe, its the one that isnt syph or bc) is less that -2, you can probably get away with ordering lenses with your syph prescription because the toric lenses are so much more expensive.  But if you want your vision to be perfect, many companies offer toric versions of their colored lenses.

Q: How do I care for lenses?

A: You first open your lens vial.  Soak the lenses for a minimum of 6 hours in regular saline solution (sterile, not homemade, from the drug store).  Do not soak in the solution the lenses come it.  After you wear them, place them in their case with fresh contact lens solution/saline.  Always replace the solution daily.  Another method is the Clear Care system, which i reviewed on my blog.  You can use it once a week to help keep lenses in tip top shape.  Another option for weekly cleaning is to use an enzymatic cleaning tablet.

Never ever rise your lens with regular tap water or use saliva from your mouth. Ewwie.

Q: What is a pre-order?

A: A pre-order is when a seller, like me, takes a certain number of orders from customers and then sends them off to the contact lens company. The seller receives the lenses and then sends them to their owners. Advantages to this are you can get your own prescription instead of plano or whatever is in stock, and the seller can easily meet the minimum order quantity.