Kimchi Kumo Blue

Comfort: 10/10
I cannot feel these in my eyes at all, no itchiness no dryness or anything. Perfectly comfortable! In general the i.Fairy lenses are comfortable for me.

Design: 9/10
The design is neat and the colors are opaque but the color is just a bit too dark for my liking. I enjoy lighter color lenses most of the time. If these were just a smidgen brighter I would be happy. The design is not very natural in appearance, it is a two tone lens with a thick limbal ring.  The main blue is speckled with black.  They do not blend seamlessly and have a large hole for the pupil.

Enlargement: 10/10
i.Fairy and this offshoot Kimchi are known for their large diameter lenses and these ones are indeed enlarging.  The bottle says they are 16mm lenses but that is likely just their effect.  The dark color of the lens as well as the dark limbal ring add to the enlarging effect.

A note on these lenses, although the lenses are comfortable, the left lens is defective in that it is a plano lens that was labeled as my prescription so I cannot wear these out because I would be blind in one eye basically.  Geo Lens House only exchanges if you buy another order from them and this is the 3rd order that they have goofed on for me.  One was the wrong color lens, the second time was the wrong lenses and then this defective lens.  I am back on the market to find other shops now :)

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