i.Fairy Cherry Gold

Comfort: 10/10
Just like the other i.Fairy lens I have, these are incredibly comfortable.

Design: 10/10
So yellow! The yellow blends really nice with my blue and creates this greenish color which is interesting.  The pattern is nice and bright.  They are really gold though! It depends on the light for how gold they are but I like!

Enlargement: 10/10
With a 16mm enlargement effect, you can bet this are enlarging.  The dark ring helps add to this effect.  They are noticeable, people who didn't notice the color difference noticed the size difference.


  1. Hey !
    this might sound super random but, I have similar color eyes, just a little more ble'ish and a darker rim, perhaps smaller also (http://29.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_lkl2vh899V1qbybooo1_250.png)

    I would LOVE to have a halo effect circle lens.. I'm quite in the pitch dark here. :D I have no idea witch one to choose!!! up till now I have always had lenses like dueba dm23. I don't know if it is even possible for me :D

    Can you recommend me something maybe?

    btw. your site is amazing for light eyed girls to choose lenses ;*

  2. Hi. Can i ask you something?? I really need to know what; the lens you're wearing in your banner. the blue one~~ please please tell me asap. >.<
    is it from geo?? :o

    thank you~~~

  3. @Kettuki Halo effect happens if your irises are small. My irises are large naturally and i rarely get a halo (sad!). Your best chance for halo is with translucent lenses such as the Nudy series, especially the Super Nudy. The more opaque the lens, the less of a halo you will get.

    They are the Super Angel Grey by Geo :D (they are a cool grey, and do look dark bluegrey).

  4. x3 Hey it's AvalonWitch from Gaia. Got around to clicking the links on people's siggies and i'm so glad I did. I'm following you now and can't wait to read your detailed reviews. I'm always interested in seeing circle lenses on light eyed girl's eyes.

  5. these look great on you! It's nice to see a pic of these on light eyes. I've been wanting to get them but I've worried that the pupil hole would be harsh but they blend nicely!