Kimchi Maki Gold

Comfort: 10/10
Again, not to sound repetitive but these are incredibly comfortable. I even wear these lenses for pretty good athletic activity with no blurriness or discomfort.

Design: 10/10
These are pretty far from natural lenses in both design and color.  The gold color is a mix of orange and yellow on the lens with a black limbal ring.  The pattern on the lens is reminiscent of a marigold or a sunflower. I also think they look rather reptilian. Either way, this is not the pattern of a natural iris.  The design and color are extremely noticeable, even at a distance. I get so many comments from other people on how cool and freaky these lenses are.

Enlargement: 10/10
Part of the freaky factor from what people have commented on is how huge these lenses are. i.Fairy makes some large lenses that can lend to an alien eye appearance, though in this case the design is more alien than the size, at least in my opinion. The overall large size of the lens and the thick limbal ring do make this an enlarging lens.

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