i.Fairy Nova Grey/Violet

Now before I start this review, I had ordered the i.Fairy Violet from Geo-Lens House and they accidentally shipped me grey lenses instead. I had to make another order instead to get the proper grey lenses, but having both colors is fun as I wear one of each now.

Comfort: 10/10
Seriously guys, I think i.Fairy lenses are ultra comfy, even for extended wear.

Design: 9/10
I like dramatic lenses most of the time and these are rather natural looking lenses. The color is not very opaque and it blends well with my natural color.  The limbal ring is not super thick, but it is there. The design lends an icy appearance to my eyes. Overall, these make for pretty good everyday circle lenses.

The difference in the two colors, grey and violet is not very intense. Most people cannot tell I wear two different colors until they are very close or in very bright light.

Enlargement: 9/10
I don't think these are i.Fairy's most enlarging lenses, partly because of the natural and transparent nature of the design. They do make your irises appear larger, the only reason some of my coworkers notice that I wear circle lenes is because they say my eyes look larger.  I think I'm just spoiled on large lenes to be honest :)

grey, sunlight
violet, flash

both, sunlight

both, sunlight


  1. I wish I.Fairy lenses were more comfortable for me. They are fairly comfortable but definitely not my most comfortable lens!These look nice and pretty on you!

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  2. Finally a I.Fairy Nova lens review that isn't brown or red! But I wish you could have elaborated on the subject. ): I still can't decide if I should get the nova violet since I'm looking for the halo effect it's known for but not found here.

  3. What else would you like to know about these lenses? The color is really subtle and natural in appearance, not much difference between the violet and the grey color. Not sure how the lenses would look on darker eyes n_n;;