i.Fairy Dolly+ Grey

Comfort: 10/10
Just like my other i.Fairy lenses these are pretty comfy.  I think my eyes are tired from sleeping in contacts a few days ago (huge mistake), but they are a bit blurry.

Design: 10/10
I was half expecting something more vibrant and was worried because they wouldn't be as natural as the Super Angel lenses I was replacing.  They are very similar to the Angel lenses from a distance so I am happy.  The light grey is very nice too! Unlike the EOS Dolly Eye, this has a fade instead of a blunt pupil hole.

Enlargement: 10/10
Super enlarging.  They have an enlargement effect of 16mm i think.  I need these large lenses to have a noticeable enlargement on my irises.

Vendor: 10/10
As always, Geo-lens house is fantastic.  Quick shipping and great service.

1 comment:

  1. These lenses look somlight on your eyes. fRom where did you get your big eye contact lenses?