Puffy Tricolor Pink

Vials, aren't they cute?!

Flash (im sick and you can tell, sorry!)


Another view
Bright sunlight
ew makeup smudge!!

Review time!
These are not my first pair of pink lenses, but i was looking for a natural subtle pink and these delivered.

Color/design: 8/10, Extremely natural which is why its only an 8.  You cant really tell its an unnatural eye color unless you look closely.  Then you are like Oh, hey they are pink!  Over my blue eyes it is this pretty violet shade of pink.  I would like the color to be more vibrant.  The pattern is amazing for blending :]

Enlargement: 8/10 These are pretty enlarging considering the lack of a dark limbal ring.  I didnt really notice how big they looked until i looked at the photos later.  Pleasantly surprised with this

Comfort: 10/10  Cant even tell when i have them in.  Great comfort! 

Over all 8.5/10

Vendor: FOTD Looks shop.  Simply fantastic.  It was a pre-order so it took time to reach the minimum order quantity, and orders were promptly shipped to geo and the puffy supplier, notifications of delays  and status of the orders were posted.  Delivery only took like a week from the UK to my apartment in South Dakota.  


  1. First pic is gorgeous...I love how they blend with your natural eye color.