Geo Xtra WT-A03

Sorry for the delay in updating guys!  I got this pair over Christmas break in NYC at the Elizabeth Center.  I have checked on gaia, and they said authentic.  The bottles were too spot on to be fakes, but there isn't much out there on the new prime vision vials.

Anyways on to the review

Comfort: 10/10
As with all geo lenses these are extremely comfortable and I forget Im wearing them.

Color/Design: 9/10
This color blends beautifully with my blue eyes.  They are plano lenses but are still noticeable thru my glasses.  The design is not pixilated and the little spots look like mini hearts.  Too cute!

Enlargement: 10/10
These are the 15mm lenses from geo.  They are HUGE.  I was disappointed by the super series, but these do not disappoint.  They are large and make your eyes look dolly.  Even with the lighter color they still enlarge a ton.

A small shop in the lower level of the Elizabeth Center in Chinatown NYC.  The woman was very nice and gave me a case and went over how to care for the lenses, even though I said I have worn them before.  Very professional :3

Picture timeeee


  1. Oh my God. These are BEAUTIFUL!
    I just commented on another blog how i wanted new coloured lenses. This basically signs it off for me. I want I want I want!

    Though, are these available in prescription form? :(

    Have a great one! x NTA @ blogspot.com

  2. I dont think these are available in prescription sadly. Mine are plano, but you can tell you are wearing them through glasses for sure!

  3. Wow these are pretty! May i ask what color ur real eye color is?

  4. Hello,
    I found your photos in a circle lens store here:

    I am currently trying to prove a point that this store is not only selling not authentic GEO lenses, but is also stealing blogger's photos (they claim they got these photos by their customers, but I know they took mine without myknowledge / agreement): http://gohalainn.blogspot.de/2013/01/solution-lenscom-phototheft-and-circle.html

    So I thought I might let you know. Maybe you do not mind that they take your photos, I know I was very upset about it, especially since they sell lenses claiming they were lenses by known brands, when really they aren't.