Geo Piercing Heart Lenses


Ewww dont mind no makeup
but on to the review

Color/Design: 2/10
I really really dont like these.  The hearts barely show up.  The lenses are plano so you cant see them thru my glasses and blahhh they are so USELESS 

Enlargement: 5/10

Not a lot but the black ring does enlarge some

Comfort: 9/10

Just like other geo lenses for me, perfectly fine

Vendor: 10/10
Vivid-beauty.com is pretty darn awesome, as always.  

Also, NEW GLASSES.  They are Apple Bottom frames and the lenses I got this time around were non reflective which means i can wear plano lenses now and you can actually -see- my eyes thru the lenses.  Just, not these ones.  The dolly eyes show thru great!


  1. Looking at them again, yeah. They are kinda' 'useless'. >.>'' I mean, they're noticeable, but they're literally as subtle as a coloured lens can get. (Which is kinda' cool, I think, with glasses...)

    Anyway what all colour did you pre-order again? o:

  2. I ordered the Puffy Pink and reordered the T-Star lenses because i must have ripped mine because no matter how much soaking they still scratched my eye.