Pre-order Update

I didn't meet the minimum order quantity needed to order from my supplier.  I will have to see if i can get a smaller cap next time.  I will post more info when i find it out
thanks for your interest though!


  1. Hi Angie,

    I found your blog by google and I just love it!
    I'd like to ask you something (if you don't mind) I am thinking about get this lens: http://www.youknowit.com/online-shop/terroreyes-pink-cat-eye-contact-lenses.cfm for my halloween costume.
    Do you think the 'black'(eye cat pupil) it will cover my real eye's color (my eyes are medium brown)?
    If you could help me I'll appreciate it!
    You can answer me by my blog or here.
    I will come back later anyway!

    PS: my blog is in portuguese but it has a translator..

  2. Sorry for late reply my laptop is broken. I think some of your natural color will show thru in bright light. In dimmer light your pupils should be large enough that the cat eye will be totally black.

    If anything you might have slight vision blockage. It happens to me with the eos dollyeye green lenses. In dimmer light I can see green on the edge of my vision.