New lenses coming


Finally I decided to order some new lenses. I joined the fotdlooks pre order and ordered the puffy tricolor pink lenses. I re ordered the geo t star lenses cause I scratched my old ones. I was going to order some I.fairy cherry gold but geo lens house is on vacation. Do I take chances on circlelens.net with the new lace lenses? I donnnoooooo

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  1. Do itttttt. Circlelens.net is legit. I've ordered twice from them already and both times the lenses have come super fast.

    Anyway, this is off topic, but I would really like to order some Candy-Con Stella lenses, but they aren't included in the list of models when I try to choose them. I don't know what to do and didn't know how to contact you so here's my email: vasa0901@stcloudstate.edu. Please email me. :)