Geo Super Angel Grey

Comfort: 10/10
Like I said before, geo lenses are comfy!

Color/Design 10/10 
More opaque than my super nudy grey lenses which is what i wanted.

Enlargement: 9/10
Again, like with my Super Nudys, these are way natural looking for being large diameter lenses.  They look believable and not alien.   

Overall, these are great lenses to be everyday type wear.  I don't think I need to wear makeup with these, although i did in the pics.  

Vivid-Beauty was very pleasant to deal with.  Great promotions, great customer support.  Would def. recommend them :D


  1. Super-pretty over your eye colour. o: Fairly natural despite the opacity of the colour. <33

    Sweet review, yo!

  2. You don't happen to have a pair of Super Angel Green do you? Im thinking of getting those next since I want a larger sized lens-but the Angel Blue makes my eyes look almost blue-black. Im getting the Super Angel Grey thanks to your above picture. Its SO hard to find people modeling these lens's with light colored eyes so I feel like Im buying blind on a lot of them, but at least they are under $16 a pair if I dont like them