Angel Violet

One in one out

regular light

Color/design: 8/10
Wish the violet was more violet-y. Its almost a grey-violet.  Its subtle, so if you are looking for a subtle unnatural color, this would be great for you.  The color is pretty opaque too. Doesn't blend the best on my eyes, but its still pretty

Comfort: 10/10
Geo lenses are just plain comfy in my opinion. 

Enlargement: 7/10
It enlarged some as you can see in the one in, one out photo.  The enlargement isn't that drastic when both lenses are in.  Not bad for 14mm lenses though

Vivid-Beauty is amazing.  They have all geo lenses that are in prescription in all steps available. That means I was able to get my prescription (-5.75) in all the lenses I ordred.  When geo forgot a pair of my lenses, the site was prompt in telling me so that there were no surprises when I got my lenses in the mail.  

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