Pop.C Dark Green

758ea65b.jpg picture by annotherinnocentgirl

Color: 4/10
I wish it was more vibrant in the middle, like it looks like on the dark eyes that wear this lens. But it blends so much with my blue it just looks like im wearing my ck105s except kinda green.

Comfort: 8/10
Not my geos but not bad. Sometimes my vision was blurred but my eyes were never dry

Enlargement: 0/10
Nothing for me. My real iris showed thru on the sides. It wasn't even just when I looked to the side or whatever. I dont know. :[

For some reason, i got a TON of slippage the first time I wore these lenses (even after an overnight soak).  But I wore them out today and they do cover my irises and the  enlargement was there but not great so:

Enlargement: 5/10
Enlarged some, because of the black ring, but I have big irises already!

Overall: Better lenses for someone with dark eyes and small irises :[

The Dolly Eye is located in Malaysia and had a promotion going on (free wig with pop.c dark purchase) so i went for it. The site had fast shipping via DHL and were super friendly and let me pick out which wig color i wanted! Would recommend them highly.  The promotion I got was a great deal because I essentially bought the wig ($45) w/free shipping when i got the lenses, free wig and $20 for $45 total so good deal guys.


  1. Mm... still as awesome as the first time I saw 'em. :]

    Oh yeah, and question: would it be alright if I added the bottle pic to the Gaia CL photobucket? o: If not, then it's all good~. 8) Figured I'd ask since there aren't many pics of the bottles out there.

  2. Yeah, you can add anypictures I post to the photobucket!