Magnum Caviar Lens

Vial pics:
Natural light:
Webcam photos:
One in one out:

Color 100000/10
AWESOME. I Love how they blend with my eyes and how pretty the violet is. IDK if it glows in the dark yet, but im wearing them for the afternoon and i will see when it gets dark (thats what a girl on soompi with the brown ones said). Even if they dont glow theyre awesome and gorgeous.

Comfort: 8/10
I can feel them, but my eyes have been dry the last few days, even with my normal contacts, so it might be that. But nothing bad

Enlargement: 10/10
These make my eyes look HUGE, i didnt expect them to be enlarging as they are only 14.5mm and thats what my nudy greys are. But super dolly eye look!

Overall, i love these lenses so much.

Princelens was amazing, they are located in thailand i believe (thats what the postage said) and it took 2 weeks to get here. The packaging was great. The tracking number didn't work but they still got here quickly and all in one piece :]

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