My Candy Eyes Update:: Deux

Soooo, since my last update on the MCE situation, I have opened a paypal dispute, emailed them several times asking for a refund and have gotten no reply.
They sent me the wrong lens.  They sent it to me way past their promised date of delivery.
I should not have to pay for their faults.  I refuse to.  I want a refund.

They were good about answering my emails up until I started asking for a refund, then they stopped replying at all.  I cannot say anything good about this website.  Some people have had great experiences with them, and others have had terrible.  I would not take the chance with this website, when there are plenty of others out there with better customer service and the same prices.  At least other sellers have the decency to tell you when something you ordered is out of stock instead of "we'll send it tomorrow" "oh the next day" and pretty soon 2 weeks later they still havent sent it?



Refund issued, case closed.  Bottom line: This store is disorganized and hit or miss.  Your risk ordering.  Like i said before, some people had great experiences with them, others have had icky ones (like me)

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