Clear Care System

Figured since I had posted a picture with my clear care bottle in it, and the fact so many circle lens wearers have been curious about it, why not do a review?
Clear care is a special solution and has to be used in conjunction with the specific (and ugly) case provided.  It is a hydrogen peroxide based solution.  Much like how hydrogen peroxide bubbles when you put it on a cut, it bubbles in the case too.  The bubbles work to rub off buildup on your lenses and at the same time disinfects, so it kills germs that cause eye infections and icky stuff like that.  

You have to leave your lenses in the case for 6 hours.  This gives the solution time to neutralize.  If you open a bottle, you will notice it has a red tip.  This is so you remember not to rinse your lenses with the clear care formula prior to wearing.  You know how hydrogen peroxide stings in a cut?  Imagine that, times 10000 in your eye.  Not fun, and extremely painful.  

If you are too impatient to leave your lenses in the solution for 6 hrs every day, it can be used as a once a week deep cleaner (which is what I use mine for).  The solution neutralizes to normal saline, so it is not necessary to rise your lenses before wearing.  I find that the solution hydrates my lenses and keeps them squeaky clean and buildup free.   You can use this in conjunction with other regular solutions, say, if you wear your lenses after using the system and you want to take them out.  You can put your lenses in a normal case with normal solution for however long.  

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