Geo Super Nudy Grey

Enlargement: 9 /10
Dont think i got much enlargement, my dad couldn't even tell i was wearing lenses. No one else can either. I have huge irises already though as you can see in the comparison pic. I dont even get a halo T_T

Colour/Design: 10/10 Oh my god do these look natural haha. the grey blends well with my blue and the lambic ring is natural as well.

Comfort: 10/10 Super comfy i was used to wearing Acuvue Oasis which are supposed to be the most comfy lenses on the market. I can wear these all day with no dryness no nothing. I can't even feel them in my eyes. Awesome possum guys.


I ordered two pairs of lenses from them, both Geo. It took foreverrrrr. It seemed as though I ordered at a bad time with their promotion going on, but I am having the same problem with them now because I ordered a replacement lens for my nudy blues and still haven't gotten it (ordered may 1st). Sure the price is cheap, you do get a free lens case per lens pair. But hot damn if the shipping isn't slow as hell. They also seem to be disorganized from what I have heard, but you will get your lenses, you just have to prod them sometimes XD So not a bad store, or a scammy store. They are legit and ship authentic geo lenses. Just slow is all haha

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