because i havent updated in awhile

I dont have any new lenses really.  I have 2 unopened pairs, my geo tricolor green and my geo piercing heart lenses (which i havent opened because they are plano).  I had ordered 3 pairs from Ulzzang eyes but the media fuss caused EOS not to ship to the us, so all our money was refunded.  Still really wanting prescription EOS Dolly Eye lenses.  Maybe someday soon.  I am itching for new lenses

Here are some pics of lenses because i like to take pics
GEO T-Star lenses in natural sun:
Sorry bout the icky state of my faceee

Pop.C Dark Green

This is when i went to Bear Country USA and I wore my Angel Violet lenses and the cashier freaked out over my eye color.  I thought these lenses were really really tame and not really noticeable.

PS~ Picture of a bear at bear country

I wish the i.Fairy ruby reds didnt look so sticker like on my eyes because my hair is red now and i would love to have red hair and eyes haha

Also, instead of spending cash on circle lenses i went and got a tattoo, its a yellow bird (bright eyes reference in case you were wondering).

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