Geo XCK105 Review

CK-105 top, XCK 105 bottom.


Color/Design: 10/10.
In the above picture it looks a lot less opaque than the original ck105. It doesn't seem to be on my eye.  It is gorgeous and makes my blue pop.

Enlargement 9/10:
Most enlarging geo lenses I have.  The design goes to the edge of the lenses. Crazy big, but not too big to make me look alien like :]

Comfort: 10/10
Extremely comfortable.  Just like my other geo lenses.  No complaints at all.

Vendor: 10/10
Vivid-beauty.com is just about the best geo pre-order in my book.  Their customer service is great and they allowed me to get lenses not on their catalog but on geo's website.  They kept me posted on what things geo told them (that is, when a certain lens only came in plano now), and were super nice when geo forgot my xck105s in the last shipment.  Sure its a preorder, which means waiting time, but its so worth it.

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