EOS Flower Pink Review

Color/design: 9/10 out of 10
Lavender on my blue eyes, still very light and the flower pattern is noticeable and my mom says they are creepy and very unnatural, but no one said anything today when I was out. The pattern on the lens is so delicate and pretty. The limbal ring is a dark brown color and there is a light yellow/brown on the pupil edge. Very nice 

Comfort: 8/10
Maybe all the vial solution didnt soak off but my vision was very blurred. Lenses were right side out and i soaked them overnight. Couldn't feel them in my eyes though. Ive had lenses fit funky the first time ive worn them tho, namely my pop.c dark green.  

Update on this:  Soaked them again and again and still, my vision is blurred with the lenses.  Its not uncomfortable, just irritating.

Enlargement: 5/10
Enlarge a bit for being 14mm. Wasn't looking for enlargement with these lenses though


  1. why do white people wear circle lens when it looks like shit on them?

  2. omg.....i just ordered these and looked at your review...and i can't believe ppl posted such idiotic comments.....you look great wiht lenses. I prefer a more natural look myself so i wouldnt neccessarily choose some of the lense you like but i think you look great.

  3. i don't get the negativity you're getting but go on and shrug it off because you look adorable