i.Fairy Ruby Red Review

On to the review:
Comfort: 10/10
Can't feel them in my eyes at all.  Super Great.  :D

Color/Design: 9/10
OK I took off a point because I expected costume lens type vibrancy.  You can for sure tell these are red on my eyes though, even in normal light conditions.  In bright light like the flash, my natural eye color is a very stark difference and these would blend amazing on brown eyes, especially ones with warm undertones.  The design is great and opaque.  All in all just what I expected.

Enlargement: 9/10
Not freaky large, but no lens so far has been.  They enlarge a good deal but I think my Magnum Caviar lenses are bigger.  But I could be wrong.  I am really happy with the size for circle lenses.

Geo-Lens House on facebook.  These guys are amazing.  Good communication and they're friendly.  The shipment took from the 4th of June till the 16th of June.  Not bad for international.  Prices were fair, nothing way out there.  Paid about $25 USD for the lenses.   Recommend the seller?  Yep!


  1. Om nom nom. <33 Now I'm antsy about how quickly mine'll get here. <33

    Are they, like, a scarlet red? Or just not too bright a shade? o:

  2. I'm interested in buying i.Fairy lenses, but I was wondering, a 16.2 diameter seems HUGE. Are they really that big?