French Manicure anyone?

This is my first time doing a french mani that actually turned out well.  I owe it to my new nailpolishes.  Basecoat is Sally Hansen Miracle Cure, which allowed me to grow out all my nails, except my index which refuses to grow without breaking.  I then used Rimmel Pro French Tip Liner in White, instead of Sally Hansen Diamond Strength White
The Rimmel one has a very thin liner brush and a not too thin not too thick consistency.  Perfecto.  The Sally Hansen one has a normal brush and is very thick and clumpy and icky and hard to apply right to the tips of your nails
The Pink sheer stuff i used is Revlon Sheer Blossom (007) Amazing sheer pink with shimmer to it.

The top coat i used is Rimmel Lasting Finish Pro in Crystal Clear.  SUpposed to last 10 days but i had minimal tip wear after 3 days (thats with me working in a daycare and cleaning hard).  Plus its really shiney and i like it :]

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