Epistick Review

This thing, is seriously the best thing since sliced bread.  For realz.
Its called the Epistick and I got it off ebay for a few dollars.  Really cheap, great for me because I was so unsure.  I must say I am never waxing again.   Its super easy to use, just turn the handles inward while moving upwards to catch the hairs in the coils.  With the twisting it pulls the hairs out.  Would not recommend this for eyebrows as it is just too hard to shape with this tool.  Eyebrows need specific grooming with tweezers and or wax.  But this works soooo sooo good.  If I had a digital camera I would take up close pictures of the hair it removes.  But alas, I do not have my own camera that isn't from the 1930s or my newest cam is from 1960 something.  Eep. Hopefully in a week or two I will have a camera tho!
Ps~ sorry my hair is so messed up

Wearing my Candy-con Magnum Caviar Violet lenses and HIP Kohl eyeliner and my Mac X mascara.


  1. Is this only for facial hair?

  2. I dont see why you couldnt use it elsewhere