Pre-order Update

I just contacted vivigo about doing a pre-order and sadly they cannot ship lenses to the US. T_T But, i can get lens cases from them, minimum order is 50pc, which is what my pre-order would be I believe, in terms of quanity.  I am waiting for Vassen to get back to me  (I would love to pre-order vassen lenses, they have those new Scotty plaid lenses!!)

So glad about vivigo though, their cases are so cute <3


  1. OMGWHATVASSEN? o.o <33 Do you realize how many CL lovers you'd make happy with a Vassen pre-order? There hasn't been an open on in ageess~.

    I'll cross my fingers for this one. ;P

  2. omg Vassen... 500pcs moq on one model? WTF... X_x I need to ask more questions on that. That's just crazy. And that's only for Plano. and they're asking for 2000pcs on degrees on one model.

    I can email you what they emailed me since they sent it as an attachment.

  3. They emailed me back with exactly what you said Dx
    I'm currently on alibaba.com trying to find a supplier with a smaller min order x3