Hello Kitty Headphones

Obligatory Cute Puppy Shot

So these headphones are similar in design to the Mix-style headphones and set me back $20.  This is one of 3 designs offered.  I got mine at Toys R Us (SO GROWNUP).
The sound quality isn't bad at all for $20 headphones, certainly better than ipod earbuds.  They have good sound canceling ability too.  I put them on and drown out my brother's video games easily, without having to turn up the volume very high.  
All in all these are SUPER CUTE headphones and good price too!  Plus I love all things hello kitty so hehe ;D

Only bad thing about these headphones is that the cord is super super short. :[

1 comment:

  1. D'aww... stupid short cord. *shakes fist* Still-- at least they're super cute!

    Also, not gonna' lie: toy stores have some pretty cute stuff sometimes. >.>' I'll pass no judgment on where you bought your headphones.

    P.S. There're always headphone cord extenders.