Exciting News

I found a supplier for Vassen and Dueba contact lenses with a minimum order of 50pairs.  Prescription is available, from 0.00 thru -10.00, every step. Later I will post what lenses will be available for pre-order and start setting it up.


  1. Hii, it's inuyuyuluver from gaia! I really like the plaid lenses -- but it'd be awkward to look at people and have one lens crooked x_x. Hmm.. hopefully I'll find a lens I like in your catalog I'd love to help support your pre-order though!

    Oh speaking of your catalog, will you be adding more models to choose from? And is it 22$ shipped? :O.

  2. I am gonna do free domestic shipping ((I just worked out some of the logistics of that, international is just too pricey to do for free))
    I get the official stock list soon from the company, so more models may be added. :D